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Resell Genius was founded by Amber Antoinette. She wanted to share her knowledge with other resellers and create a community where resellers of all sizes and skill levels could come together. The Resell Genius is a one-stop shop for sellers and resellers to find answers to their burning reseller questions like “How to Increase Poshmark Sales” or “How to sell on Poshmark in 2023,” the answers would be in the free “Genius Portal” knowledge database while also being able to shop the best reseller tools & products to support them so they can focus on their reseller business.

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Genius Portal

A full-fledged reseller knowledge database filled with answers, tips, information, and free resources. Created specifically for resellers. A huge incredibly easy-to-search source of wisdom, that is growing.

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Reseller Tools + Kits

Curated from the best products, and sourced at the very best prices, the Resell Genius reseller kits are filled with products and tools that will help you level-up, increase success, make more sales, save time, and make reselling easier.

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Community + Social

We encourage resellers to comment, make requests, and share their knowledge. Resellers can even become “published authors” by submitting an article to be featured in the Genius Portal. Please subscribe to the Resell Genius YouTube Channel  youtube.com/resellgenius

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Reselling Since Before Y2K.

Amber started selling on eBay in order to earn money during high school. Over the past 20+ years, she has sold successfully on virtually every reseller app, website, and marketplace. She has amassed six-figure sales on various reselling platforms, such as Poshmark, StockX, Grailed, Goat, Mercari, and The Real Real, and loves reselling and fashion. After graduating with a Corporate Finance degree, she worked her way up in the business world, holding a variety of executive roles in Retail, Finance, Banking, and Hospitality. She became the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) of a large global company while still in her thirties, as well as a member of YPO. Because of her successful career in business and her passion for fashion (especially streetwear), with self-proclaimed shopaholic tendencies, she looks at selling and reselling through a different lens.

For New Resellers & Experienced Ones

This website is dedicated to sharing my insider knowledge with both novice and seasoned resellers, (and even those who haven’t started selling yet) as well as creating a large constantly evolving knowledge database, where other sellers can also contribute their ideas, info, resources, and tools with each other.

Selling has given me joy, and at times has helped me “pay the bills,” and now it’s my time to give back. I hope you enjoy this evolving site. I’d love to hear from you! Also, if you are interested in contributing to the Genius Portal, please click the button below for information on how you can get involved!

All My Best,

The Resell Genius

The Resell Genius Experts

We started with one, but now Resell Genius consists of a group of seasoned and passionate experts. From Sneakers to Luxury and everything in between, our team is constantly on the lookout for trends, information, and knowledge, with data to back it up, to support you with your reselling business. We are currently looking for Volunteer Interns who have a passion for reselling. Drop us a note if you’d like to apply!

Sneaker Intern

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YouYube Intern

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Writer and Illustrator

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Why Resell Genius?

We are a community where resellers of all sizes and skill levels can come together. The Resell Genius is a one-stop shop for sellers and resellers to find answers to their burning questions, participate in knowledge-sharing, and find the best tools & products to support them as resellers so they can increase their success, maximize sales, make money, save time, and have fun!

At Resell Genius we encourage our readers, visitors, and experts to contribute to the greater reselling community by leaving comments to let us know what you’d like to see and learn, and to contribute articles to our Knowledge Database, the Genius Portal.

As we grow, we will be adding knowledge articles, products tools, and exciting new features and functionalities. We are so thankful for your support, suggestions, and ideas!


GROW, start, improve, or scale your reselling business

Whether you are curious about reselling, or are a power seller that has been selling for years, we want to help grow and scale your business. 

MAXIMIZE your Reselling sales and increase your profit

Selling can be super fun, but we all need to pay the bills, am I right? We will teach you how to make the most out of your time by helping you maximize sales, and most importantly increase your profits. 

OPTIMIZE your reselling habits and process

At Resell Genius we have curated all of the products and tools that we personally can’t live without, and then search high and low to source them at incredible prices for you. Our Genius Kits are ready-made kits filled with all the items you need to upgrade your resale game. 

I purchased your Genius Kit and have just ordered a 2nd kit for my daughter. I love the quality, I use all of the items, and the price cannot be beat! Even after hours and hours of searching I still don’t know how you can sell these for such a low price!

Val Watson

I have been selling for about ten years but I must say, I’ve already learned a ton of new things on your Genius Portal. Not only was it easy to find and fun to explore, but you really motivated and helped me to improve my business.

Jessica Chandler

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