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Increase 2023 Poshmark Profits with Five Easy Pricing Tips

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Increase Poshmark Profits with Five Easy Pricing Steps

For those who would rather listen to a quick video this reseller tip is for you! How to Price is a question we hear all the time. Some people wing it, but that’s not our style. We follow a consistent approach, which has been tested, is proven, makes sense and makes NET profit.

Infographic showing how to price for reselling in five categories

What Will You Learn?

This video will teach you all you need to know about PRICING your items for sale on Poshmark, with the latest tips and tricks relevant TODAY, including

● An easy 5-point pricing strategy that will help you price your items for sale, whether they are New With Tags, NWOT, Used, Flawed, or Limited Edition

● How to increase your profits by following a tried and true pricing approach

● Ensure that you’re not under-pricing

● How to pull Comps

● What to do while you’re sourcing, but BEFORE you buy so you don’t lose money

● Things I’ve learned reselling for over 20 years (10 years on Poshmark) as explained by a top 5% seller, Poshmark Ambassador II, and someone who has made over 6 figures in profit (not revenue!)

Total Video Length 16:26

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Pricing Tips Video – Resell Genius on YouTube

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How to Price Poshmark Infographic

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