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Would you like to become a published author and be featured on the Genius Portal? Our goal is to continue to expand and evolve the Genius Portal and we welcome reselling experts to contribute as guest authors. If you would like to submit an article, you can do so right from this page!

Benefits & Process


  • You can become an official “Published Author”
  • It will benefit your resume or portfolio
  • I could even help with scholarship/college/ job applications
  • It’s a great experience
  • You can win prizes
  • You can get exposure
  • You can increase followers, sales, and traffic to your Social or Resale Accounts
  • You will help grow the Genius Portal with incredible content and you’ll be helping other resellers
  • You can make an impact on what content is included on the Genius Portal
  • You can share your impressive knowledge with the world, and that feels great!

If your article is approved and published, you will recieve the following awesome benefits…

  • You’ll be featured as the official author of your article, posted publically for all to see
  • You can add this to your resume or portfolio, and tell everyone that you’re a “published author”
  • You can also add your social media handles, a link to your Poshmark closet, plus any other resale accounts you own and want to feature
  • You’ll get tons of free exposure which potentially, may increase your sales on all the resale apps you use, increase traffic to your social accounts, poshmark closet (and other accounts), increase your followers, and more!
  • As the Resell Genius grows and our Genius Portal gets bigger with more and more visits and readers, your exposure should increase exponentially
  • You will automatically get to benefit from any advertising that we do, which will bring more visitors to the Resell Genius website where readers could discover your article
  • For the top articles (based on read count and other analytics) we will award random prizes and freebies! *at our own discretion

First, read the guidelines, then check out the topics and categories on the Genius Portal to see where your article would fit, and what sort of content would complement the other articles.  Once you’ve written you article, spell checked it, and proof-read it (and had a friend proof-read it) then save it to a WORD DOCUMENT and scroll down to the bottom of the page, and fill out the form below, which will also allow you to upload your article.


  • Must be your own work, written by you
  • No plagiarism
  • The content must be accurate and error-free. No spelling or grammar mistakes, no old outdated information
  • You will grant Resell Genius a lifetime irrevocable license to use your submitted content
  • Once posted you can not remove or edit your article
  • You will be featured as the author of your Article
  • You can choose to use a ghost-writer name or pseudonym instead of your real name if you want
  • You can also choose to feature your Social Media and/or your Resale Accounts and/or your Closet
  • You cannot update your featured information on your article
  • You can however submit a request, and we will do our best to make changes, but we cannot guarantee the timeframe, nor can we guarantee that the article will be updated
  • Not all articles will be published
  • You will not receive feedback on your article
  • Resell Genius has the right to edit or change your article without your final approval
  • Please know that we have many articles in our database that have not been published, so if we post one on the same topic, regardless of if your article is published or not, this is a coincidence.

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