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How to Bulk Share on Poshmark + Free Download (Poshmark Closet Signs and Closet Dividers)

How to Bulk Share on Poshmark and Free Closet Signs

How to Bulk Share on Poshmark and How to Organize Your Closet

Check out our YouTube video below, which explains exactly how to use the Bulk Share feature on Poshmark, step-by-step. Then, scroll down for a FREE set of (23) Minimalist Poshmark Closet Signs that you can easily download. We’ve also included a template link for Canva so that you can edit these to your liking (such as changing the color, or the font). You can use these Poshmark Closet Dividers along with the Bulk Share feature to separate your listings and organize your closet by category, gender, or even to highlight “New Arrivals.” 

What Will You Learn in the Video?

This video will teach you all you need to know about the BULK SHARING feature on Poshmark.

● An easy and quick way to share your entire closet’s listings with just a few clicks – no more individual one-by-one sharing, and no bots required.

● How to use the filters to share groups of items.

● How to organize your closet so it’s clean and tidy.

● This also will enable you to bulk share to Poshmark Parties.

● Things I’ve learned reselling for over 20 years (10 years on Poshmark) as explained by a top 5% seller, Poshmark Ambassador II, and someone who has made over six figures in profit (not revenue!)

Total Video Length 16:26

Click the Thumbnail below to watch!

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How to Bulk Share on Poshmark Video – Resell Genius on YouTube

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Free Poshmark Closet Signs / Poshmark Dividers

Poshmark Closet Signs Closet Dividers Free Download

Free Download – Minimalist Poshmark Closet Dividers

Get 23 “Minimalist” Poshmark Closet Signs templates on Canva –  you can use the template on Canva to save a copy and download these Poshmark Closet Signs / Poshmark Closet Dividers.


Step 1: Open the link or click the button below.

Step 2: Click “Use this Template in a New Design” 

Step 3: Simply download the files as PNG or JPEG

Step 4: Create a Poshmark listing for each sign (title, description, and category should all be the same as the sign’s name). Sell for $0, set the listing “NOT FOR SALE,” and then list it.

Step 5: Use Bulk Share and filter by category/gender/sign name. Share the sign first, then share the items that go underneath it. *Remember the first sign and grouping of listings will eventually be on the bottom of your closet if you share another group. If you mess up, don’t worry, as you can always share a listing, sign, or group of listings again to get your closet exactly how you want it!

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