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How to Source Luxury Brand Inventory for Resellers

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How to Source Luxury Brand Inventory for Resellers

Knowing how to source luxury brand inventory for resellers can help you increase your net profit margins and make more money. Hyped limited-edition luxury releases can resell well above retail almost immediately after purchase. This is due to low supply/high demand and the fact that Luxury Retailers usually limit special drops to their VIP clients, and then whatever stock is remaining (if any) is then put on the shelves. According to Sothebys, the world’s largest luxury auction house, “luxury prices have been skyrocketing for decades, at over twice the rate of inflation,” and “the price of a Classic Chanel Medium Flap Bag increased from $1,150 in 1990 to $8,800 in November 2021.”


FYI the above pictured Chanel Medium Flap Rainbow Sequin bag from 2021, is currently selling on the secondary market for $9,700.  (as of February 2023).

Chanel Prices Over the last 30 years

Chanel Handbag prices over the years

Where Can you Source Luxury Inventory at a Discount to Resell?

I’ve created a video that explains some strategies you can use as well as some trusted online sites where you can buy Luxury items like Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi, and more, at a great discount – even items from the current season! Many of these sites also include in-demand designer streetwear brands such as Off-White, Vetements, Heron Preston, Rick Owens, Maison Margiela, Chrome Hearts, Number 9, and Issey Miyake, and hundreds of others, and cover categories of clothing, apparel, shoes, sneakers, handbags, and accessories.

How to Source Luxury Brand Inventory for Resellers – Resell Genius on YouTube

What Will You Learn?

I’m sharing all my sourcing secrets and all the places where I source my Poshmark inventory to maximize my profits when selling online. These prices will shock you! In this video, I’ll show you where I source in-season LUXURY clothing, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and kids, at HUGE discounts.

  1. Where I buy brands like Fendi, Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Moncler, and more – all online – and within the current season.
  2. Tips along the way on how to navigate these websites
  3. Actual items I’ve bought and sold plus some current deals I found, showing prices, break-even, and savings

* This video is all about Luxury brands because they tend to sell closer to, or above the retail price, more often than mid-tier or fast-fashion (especially when they’re within the current season).

* In fact, some luxury items appreciate in value once they’re sold out and are impossible to get (especially collaborations and limited editions- and you can find some gems like this on these sites!).

* Luxury items from top luxury brands are easy to sell and are incredibly in demand, so they sell FAST.

* Popular luxury brands can also drive traffic to your Poshmark closet. 

Total Video Length 8:05

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