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How to Use Poshmark Shows to Sell More Clothes

How to Use Poshmark Shows to Sell More Clothes

by | Jul 30, 2023 | 0 comments

Poshmark Shows are a new feature that allows sellers to host live video events to showcase their items. This is a great way to connect with potential buyers and generate sales. Let’s discuss how to use Poshmark Shows to sell more clothes.

vlogger applying makeup and live streaming with her phone

What are Poshmark Shows?

Poshmark Shows are live video events that sellers can host to showcase their items. Buyers can watch the shows from their phones or computers, and they can ask questions or make offers in real time via an auction. Shows are a great way to connect with potential buyers and generate sales. Poshmark Shows that are happening right now can be found on the app and through this link: Current Live Poshmark Posh Shows (Note: you may need to be logged in)

Poshmark Show

How to Host a Poshmark Show?

To host a Poshmark Show, you will need to be eligible. If eligible, create a listing for each item that you’re going to include in your show. Schedule your show by going to “My Account,” then selecting “My Posh Shows.” On the next screen click “Create Show.” You will pick a date, and time, then enter a title for your show, and you can also add a description and some photos. Once you have created your show, you’ll want to start promoting it so people show up.  People are also drawn in my catchy titles, so be sure you put a lot of thought into this. Of course you don’t want to be click-bait either, so make sure whay you say in the title, really happens. For example if you include $3 Starts in your title, buyers will expect $3 starts with most, if not all items.

vlogger applying makeup and live streaming with her phone

How to Promote Your Poshmark Show?

Your Poshmark followers will automatically be notified when your show starts if they have their notifications turned on for shows. Once you have created your Poshmark Show, you will need to promote it to potential buyers. You can do this by creating a listing for your show in your closet that you share to followers. You can do the same with social media, while also including the direct show link. You can also promote your show by using the #PoshmarkShow and #Poshshow hashtags.

poshmark and social media icons
poshmark and social media icons

Tips for Hosting a Successful Posh Show

  • Make sure your show is well-organized. This means having all the items with corresponding detailed listings, as well as an order.
  • Be engaging. Talk to your viewers and answer their questions.
  • Make sure you have an “elevator pitch” regarding your Poshmark closet (You) and your current show. You’ll want to repeat this frequently for new joiners.
  • It’s very helpful to have two devices going during your show. One to be the “camera” and one that you use for auction start/stop and commenting.
  • It’s extremely beneficial to have a “helper” who can read and type responses to comments from people in the show. It can be difficult to multi-task everything at once, but solo shows can absolutely be accomplished successfully.
  • Be honest with your show participants and tell them you appreciate their patience.
  • Invite show participants to send you listings so you can auction some from other closets as well as your own.
  • Have fun! Poshmark Shows are a great way to connect with people and have some fun.

Poshmark Shows are a great way to connect with potential buyers and generate sales. By following the tips in this blog post, you can host successful Poshmark Shows that will help you sell more clothes.

If you’re not quite ready for a Posh Show, try a Silent Show.

In a Poshmark Silent Show, items are picked in advance and rotated throughout the show until the Poshmark Silent Show ends at its set end time. You don’t even need to be in the video! But we do recommend being in the chat so you can type answers to any buyer questions if they come up.

Let us know what’s worked for you in the comments below!

Written by Resell Genius

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