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Must-Have Reseller Tools

must have reseller tools

Must-Have Reseller Tools & Products

From garment steamers to lint removers, there are many must-have reseller tools that make reselling easier.

A few of our favorite must-have reseller tools (but NOT all) are:

    • Sewing kit – every reseller needs a sewing kit handy with needles, pins, and thread! It can help you fix and repair any tears, loose seams, or missing buttons on your clothing
    • Garment steamer – to steam clothes before taking photos and before shipping. It can remove wrinkles much easier than an iron, and you can use it on delicate fabrics too.
    • Lint remover – this tool is perfect for removing any lint or fuzz from clothing before you list it for sale.
    • An electric sweater shaver – removes signs of wear, pilling, and even some stains. It is a great tool to keep clothes looking fresh and new
    • Thank you cards & stickers – every customer deserves the courtesy of a thank you card!
    • Measuring Tape:- in several different colors or styles, useful to make your measurements photos look really good. We always recommend including measurements pics in your listings as many buyers want to know measurements in addition to the item’s size.

Genius Kits

Our Genius Kits come in several sizes and prices, and include curated products and tools such as Garment Steamers, Measuring tapes, and sewing kits – essentially everything you need to run your reselling business. If you look at the infographic above, over half of these items are included in our standard and deluxe kits!

Stop wasting time searching and researching to build your reseller arsenal, and definitely don’t waste money by buying expensive tools that don’t work or that break right away. Start selling smarter with a curated Resell Genius Genius Kit today!

Reselling is a great way to build your own business, not only by earning money but also by spending time doing something you love. However, the process can be difficult and stressful without the right tools. Resell Genius solves this problem by providing you with all of the best reseller tools and products in a convenient kit that includes everything you need to succeed!

With our Genius Kits, you can finally stop wasting your time and money, and focus on what matters – your business

Download and Share “Must-Have Reseller Tools” Infographic

You can download the Must-have Reseller Tools infographic below. Please feel free to share it! The image is perfectly square so you can easily upload it to your closet or to social media!

Let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed any reseller tools! What are your favorite reseller tools?

PS: Our Resell Genius “Genius Kits” include many (but not all) of the reseller tools in the infographic above. The Standard and Deluxe sized kits include “electronics” but the starter junior kit does not. Check out the different kits by clicking the button below.

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