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OneShop: This Poshmark Bot Automation App Won’t Get You Banned

OneShop: is a Poshmark App that Provides Automation and Bots but won’t get you Banned

OneShop (formally the “SuperPosher” Poshmark Bot), has grown into a full-service automation tool for Poshmark resellers and this automated app won’t get you banned! Please check out this article “The Secret Successful Poshmark Sellers Won’t Tell You” to learn more about Poshmark Bots.


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Why might Poshmark Sellers want to use the OneShop App?

OneShop is now a full-fledged Poshmark reseller tool of which Poshmark bots are just one small piece (and you can choose whether to use them or not). I am a huge fan of Innovative Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Automation in all aspects of my life, so you can probably guess that I’m always looking out for things that can save me time or eliminate repetitive tasks.

A few of the features within OneStop that I find helpful as a reseller

    • Cross-listing your Poshmark Listings to other selling apps such as Mercari – with ease in seconds.
    • Connecting your reselling apps and seller accounts together (Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, Depop)
    • Importing listings and photos from your seller accounts into OneShop for easy relisting and tracking (allows you to see the whole picture)
    • Your ranking compared to other users
    • Helpful revenue graphs, comparison to last week, last month, and last year
    • Ability to set goals and track progress
    • Ordering FREE USPS boxes with one click (way easier than USPS)
    • RN Look-up tool (for hard-to-find brands/items)
    • Revenue and expense tracking
    • Ability to create a free OneShop “store” that you can share via link or QR Code to prospective buyers, which showcases everything you have for sale – your items from ALL of your seller accounts and resale apps.
    • Automatic relisting of stale listings

The last feature above is HUGE…

Regarding the Automatic relisting of stale listings, please take note, because this one is HUGE. OneShop doesn’t use the “copy” feature!! This means your listings will be considered brand new “Fresh Listings,” and the Poshmark Algorithm loves these. In fact, “Fresh Listings” sell 2X better than new “Copied Listings” (yes, Poshmark keeps track of this). You may have thought using the copy listing feature was like doing a brand new listing. However, this is wrong. It doesn’t even matter how long you wait to “Copy and Relist.” OneShop can automatically list all your stale items that are more than 30, 45, or 90 days old and turns them into FRESH LISTINGS, doing just a few a day so that you get a slow trickle of Poshmark algorithm brownie points and more continued visibility for your items and closet.


OneShop runs in the background, allows you to multitask, and it won’t trigger a Poshmark Shadow Ban

1. You can use OneShop as an app on your phone

I love Posh because I do 100% of my selling from my phone. From listings to photos, to editing, posting, and everything in between, I do it from my iPhone. I love it because I can do Posh from anywhere, at any time. Most automation tools require you to set up or run the tool from your desktop computer, and although I love my MacBook, sitting at my desk and using my laptop to run an automation tool is a deterrent for me. I don’t want to have to download a Chrome plug-in, and I don’t want to run it from my desktop. I want mobile access.

2. OneShop can multi-task

Yes, the OneShop Poshmark Automation app runs in the background. You don’t need to keep the app open and can even use your Poshmark App (or anything else for that matter) while the App or Bot quietly does its thing. Almost all the other bots I’ve tried require you to keep the screen open while it works; doesn’t this completely defeat the purpose? This really sets OneShop apart from all the other Poshmark Tools, in my opinion.

3. OneShop won't get you banned and won't trigger a shadow-ban

They’ve done the work for you, so you don’t need to worry. Onestop adjusts its automation activity and frequency based on your closet size, without jeopardizing your account in any way. You can also turn off any of the functions at any time if you want to be even safer just by hitting a button on or off. I love this! 

Do you want to try OneShop for free?

No Credit Card is Required! Please click the link below to get a 7-day free trial and a OneShop discount of  $10 off your first month (if you decide to continue past the trial).  Click this link for your OneShop free trial and $10 off. 

Note: you will get a free trial first, and once it ends, if you like it, you have the choice of signing up weekly or monthly. You should pick the monthly option – which, BTW, is a better value- additionally, if you cancel in the first 2-weeks, this invalidates the $10 off.

Full disclosure- I will earn a referral credit if you sign-up, but no one is paying me to write this. These opinions are wholeheartedly my own, and everything I have written is 100% my personal TRUE experience.

Drop me a comment after your trial! I would love to hear what you think and how much your sales increased!


  1. Hi, I did the week trial, and at this point I am not signing up. Maybe it’s a little new (?), but the main problem is, this relisting feature you talk about was great – until I linked my ebay account and it gives NO option to relist only on Posh – or just on the sites that you choose. It will only allow relist on ALL platforms, which is problematic with ebay, and is just plain stupid. Someone asked about this on their fb page and they admitted this issue and said they will look into fixing it. Otherwise you can duplicate the listing and then list it where you want, but then it doesn’t delete the old listing and you need to do it manually.
    My 2nd issue involves cross posting on ebay, which at he moment is the only platform I use besides Posh. It’s very confusing, and there is so much extra stuff ebay wants that Posh doesn’t need that it takes forever to add all of the extra stuff to each listing, so what is the point?
    Oneshop is also NOT user friendly in general and in a week of use I still find it extremely confusing to use. I have not created any listings on Oneshop because it’s so much easier to just do it on Posh. I have tried to edit listings and it doesn’t seem to let you change out photos for new ones. Also when I add new listings on Posh it does not seem to auto-sync them into Oneshop and it just isn’t worth the effort to try to figure out how to do it. I only used it on mobile – maybe it works better in Windows.
    What I DO like about it is the bots. All the sharing has had a positive effect on my sales, but as of now I see no reason not to just use PosherVA for that and List perfectly for cross listing. It would be nice to have something that does both and is mobile friendly but there are too many problems with Oneshop as of now. Maybe I will check back in the future to see if they fix some of the problems.

    • Hi Wendy. Thanks for such a great detailed comment! I have both Posh and eBay connected and was able to list on just Posh, and without filling in all those extra eBay details (I just left them blank). I do know they had a major IOS Update last Sat though, so it’s quite possible they fixed these or I didn’t experience them b/c I just
      added my eBay account recently (before I only had Posh hooked up). Either way I agree that as they keep adding features it makes it difficult to know how to use it (sometimes they move things around and it gets even more confusing). That would be a really awesome video topic and article idea! (PS: agreed on the bots). Thanks so much for taking the time to provide this awesome feedback! Much appreciated!


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