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Poshmark Photography Do’s and Don’ts

Our easy visual infographic Poshmark Listing Photography Do’s and Don’ts will remind you of the Do’s and Don’t of Poshmark Photography. Online listing photos are directly related to reseller success on resale apps such as Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, or Grailed. People are visual, and when shopping online, photos help potential buyers decide whether to buy.  Ensure your Poshmark photos are professional to increase the chances of your items being bought. You can also click the infographic image below to download it. Feel free to share it!


Resell Genius is all about “the Science behind Reselling,” and through data analysis and real-world tests, we know exactly what photos you should include in your listings to maximize profit and sales. Check out the rest of the articles in The Genius Portal Photography Category, the knowledge database created especially for resellers. You can learn about:

    • How to Take Listing Photos that Sell
    • Making Photos Square Without Cropping
    • How to Easily Edit and Fix Your Listing Photos
    • Remove Photo Backgrounds Easily
    • Top 4 Photo Editing Apps for Resellers
    • and much more…

Did you know that Resell Genius sells curated reselling kits? These “Genius Kits” are filled with our favorite reseller tools to help you elevate your reselling business. We even have kits to help you take better photos and improve your listing photography! Whether you’re selling on Poshmark, Nuuly, Grailed, Mercari, DePop. Vinted, The Real Real, or at a local consignment boutique, you will be wowed by the quality of our Genius Kits. Check out the assortment of curated Resell Genius Resell Kits” in our store before they sell out again!

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