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Remove Photo Backgrounds Easily

The Easiest Way to Remove a Photo Background

YouCam Beauty is a free photo editing app that includes several amazing features to help you remove backgrounds and objects from your photos.

If you’d like to learn more about this app, please check out our article on the “YouCam Perfect Photo Editor,” in the Genius Portal.

YouCam is a free photo editing app perfect for editing your resale listing photos. You can learn all about the various features, as well as the features of our other favorite photo editing apps for resellers in our article: The Top 4 Photo Editing Apps for resellers.

    The Background Removal Tools

    youcam background removal tool
    youcam removal tool

    Instant Background Removal Tool

    Removal Tool

    This is really helpful for several scenarios. Powered by AI it’s really easy to erase things from the foreground or background of your photo. For the Removal tool, there are literally endless uses. You can use it to remove the price or personal details from a tag or a receipt (sometimes you don’t want prospective buyers to know how much you paid for something in the photos). You can use it to touch up a blemish on yourself if you are modeling something for your listing.  You can use it to remove things that accidentally appear in your listing photos such as a cat’s tail, a shadow, a streak of light or smudge, a mess on your table, or dirty clothes in the corner of your room, or really anything that appears in your photo that you accidentally captured, that really shouldn’t be in your shot.

    YouCam has a very intelligent tool to remove backgrounds easily. You get an AI-powered one-click background remover that also allows for advanced touch-up’s so that your new background will look real. This full background removal tool is a great option when you don’t like your photo’s background, you don’t have a photography backdrop, or you just didn’t feel like setting up your photo backdrop that day. With very few adjustments, the Instant Background Removal Tool removes the entire background so you can replace it with a pattern, an image, or our recommendation, a plain light gray or white background.

    To see a video of this tool in action, check out this short 40-second video on our YouTube.

    YouCam Perfect Photo Editing App

     YouCam Beauty app is free to use for both Android and iOS. However, it contains in-app purchases to access premium features. 

    Resell Genius does not receive any money, kick-back, affiliate share, or referral credit from YouCam Perfect. We just genuinely think it’s a fantastic app, particularly for editing listing photos when selling on resale apps and platforms (especially Poshmark). We have used it for years, and we think you might like it too. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Shop by searching for it yourself, or by clicking the links below.

    PS: it has a 4.8/5.0 rating on the app store, and has been rated by almost 80,000 people. 

    Check out the YouCam Perfect App by clicking either link below

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