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SuperPosher Bot

The SuperPosher Bot is now called OneShop

You can read about the SuperPosher Bot in this post:  “The Secret Successful Poshmark Sellers Won’t Tell You,” as all of these features still exist within OneShop and more!

To learn all about the new features that the OneShop Reseller app has, check out the following article “OneShop: This Poshmark Bot Automation App Won’t get you Banned.”

To receive a discount and free trial to the OneShop Mobile App. (with no credit card required) please click this link, and it will automatically be applied. After your trial, you will have the option of buying a subscription (the discount is good for monthly only), and although you can cancel anytime without penalty, you mustn’t cancel within the first 2 weeks to remain eligible for the $10 off.

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