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Using Social Media to Generate Sales on Poshmark

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Using Social Media to Generate Sales on Poshmark

Poshmark Social Media Tips

Connect Your Social Accounts to Poshmark

Connect your social media accounts to Poshmark to easily share your listings to all your platforms with the tap of a button. Tap the Account tab > Sharing Settings to adjust your settings. Add your Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts and let the sharing begin.

Make Sure Your Listings Appear in Google and Facebook Ads For Free

Did you know Poshmark advertises on Google and Facebook? Did you know your Poshmark listings could be promoted on Google and Facebook by Poshmark, at no cost to you (for free!!)?! That’s right! Just make sure you do these two things to ensure your listings are eligible and visible because this can drive traffic to your closet and result in lots of sales!

1. The first step to making sure your listings are visible outside of Poshmark is to ensure your listings are SEO optimized. Read about how to do this in our article about SEO for Poshmark Listings (Search Engine Optimization for Reselling).

2. Inside the Poshmark App, be sure to turn on your search visibility for Google and Facebook. Go to Sharing Settings > Search Visibility > and toggle on to enable this feature. By opting in to search visibility, your products are featured in Google and Facebook ads targeting new and returning Poshmark customers.

Social Media Increases Poshmark Sales

Pinterest & Poshmark

Pinterest is particularly useful when it comes to finding visual inspiration but also doubles as an SEO powerhouse. What does that mean? When you share your Poshmark listings directly to Pinterest, your photos and keywords will be picked up by Pinterest search and other search engines giving your listings more exposure. Did you know over 20% more sales are made when you connect your Poshmark account to Pinterest?

Twitter & Poshmark

When you share someone else’s listing to Twitter (by linking it to your Posh account in the 1st step, the Posher who owns that listing will get a special message that says “[your username] just shared your listing to Twitter!” This encourages them to repay the favor and share your listings too. People who see the tweets about the listings you shared will likely retweet them, spreading your reach even further.

Instagram & Poshmark

Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to your closet! There is a big and established community of Poshers on IG. A few “community routines” that can help you get started:

1. Use tags on your posts (there are tons of Posh and Reseller tags) but to gain more followers quickly, use these: #ResellerGainTrain #ResellerFollowTrain #FollowFridays On your “Friday Follower” posts be sure to encourage people to follow you, like your post, follow all the likes, and tag their friends.

2. Another example is using the tag #MondayMail, #poshmarkpackages, #whatsold #poshpackages posting a snap of your sales packed in their USPS boxes or mailers. This creates motivation for others and is a way to celebrate your progress.

3. A few of the other popular Instagram Poshmark tags (but certainly not all) are: #poshmarktips, #poshtips, #poshlife, #poshmarkseller, #poshmarkreseller, #poshmarkcommunity, #poshstyle, #poshmarkresellercommunity #poshmark ambassador #poshlove – there are so many! You can find the rest by looking at the top Poshmark posts.

4. Anyone can now add a direct link to their Poshmark business on Instagram Stories using the new Link Sticker feature. Head over to Poshmark’s Instagram account for a step-by-step guide.

5. Make sure your IG is a Business Account so you have the option of running ads, selling on your posts, etc.

TikTok & Poshmark

TikTok is an emerging channel that is gaining worldwide traction and is the source for many of the trends and memes found on the internet today. What are some of TikTok’s biggest benefits when it comes to increasing awareness of your Poshmark listings and generating MORE SALES??

1. It can help you tap into the Gen Z audience

2. With the right keywords, great content (and a little luck) your post can go viral in a HUGE way. People love the TIKTOK algorithm for this reason. It’s much easier to go viral on TIKTOK than Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. You can achieve a viral post with thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of views even if you have zero followers and it’s your very first post. That’s a huge draw!

3. People actively use TIKTOK (among other things) to discover fashion trends, inspiration, and style ideas making it a great place to showcase your Poshmark closet and to build a Fashion following!

Should I Create Dedicated Social Media Accounts or Use My Existing Ones?

You may want to create a dedicated Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter account for your Poshmark closet (rather than using your personal one if you think your followers won’t appreciate you promoting your Posh closet to them, or if your personal IG has a different theme. For example, if your IG is all about “cocktails and dining” you would be better off creating a new IG specifically for Poshmark to link, instead of your existing personal account.  However, if you want to promote to your existing follower base and don’t care about keeping things separate, feel free to link your existing social accounts. There is a PRO to this- you already have an existing base that can become potential “buyers.”

At Resell Genius we prefer to open and grow separate dedicated social media accounts. We set up our Posh Instagram as a business account so that we can build a curated feed, take advantage of ads and build a targeted following. Our personal Instagram is just not related to fashion, selling, or Poshmark. Ultimately, decide what works best for you!

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