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What is the Genius Portal?

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The Genius Portal is an incredibly easy-to-search knowledge database, specifically made for sellers and resellers of clothes, accessories, shoes and sneakers on resell platforms such as Poshmark, StockX, Mercari, Depop, Goat, The Real Real, Grailed, Ebay, or Vinted. It’s like a mini-google, or Wiki but specifically for everything related to resale.

The Resell Genius “Genius Portal” is filled with knowledge, including:

  • Resources
  • Handy Guides
  • How-to’s
  • Do’s & Don’ts
  • Infographics
  • Free Stuff
  • Reviews
  • Tools
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Hacks

BUT why should you use it? First of all it’s completely FREE! It was written by a team of experts who individually have more than twenty years of selling experience each, and have used all the major selling platforms in great detail. The Genius Portal is designed to:   


  1. Show you the ropes if you want to start selling or are new to the resell game
  2. Improve your re-selling skills even if you’re a seasoned pro
  3. Keep you up-to-date on trends, changes, and info
  4. Help you learn new things such as “where to source” and every other topic relevant to selling used or new items
  5. Make the selling process easier for you
  6. Increase your sales
  7. Help you maximize profitability
  8. Show you how to get more $ out of your listings by helping you fix common flaws and issues
  9. Teach you routines that will save you time
  10. Increase your skills in areas that will directly impact your business positively

The team at Resell Genius has spent so many years selling used and new clothing, and we want to help others become successful. We would love it if you took a look around. If you think something is missing, would like to ask a question, you’d like to see a particular topic added, or would like to contribute an article of your own, we would LOVE that! If you submit an article that becomes published, we will give you full author credit and you can even promote your reselling accounts, closet, or social media! To submit an article go to the “Start Here” section inside the Genius Portal. There, you can upload your article right on the web.  For anything else, please just drop us a note on our “contact us” page or leave us a comment below! 

Thanks for your support! 



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