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Where to Sell Your Sneakers Online

Curious Which Online Platform is the Best Place to Sell Your Sneakers Online? Read On!

When it comes to selling sneakers, it depends firstly on what kind of shoes we are selling. If we are talking about a brand-new pair that has never touched our feet, StockX may be the best option.

As the biggest reselling site for sneakers, StockX has a large consumer base and progressive transaction fees that can be reduced from 9.5% to 8% depending on your level of previous sales. Plus, StockX has created a page for each individual shoe, making it very easy for consumers to find the exact sneaker they want. The sellers are also anonymous, with StockX verifying that every sneaker is real, so beginners don’t need to worry about not having any 5-star ratings to their name. This is best for Jordan, Nike, and Adidas sneakers. However, StockX only sells brand new shoes, so if you have lost the box, or have worn the shoes a couple of times, you will have to look elsewhere.

If you are trying to sell a popular but used sneaker, then GOAT may be the place to go. Like StockX, Goat gives every sneaker its own page, which makes it easier for your used sneaker listings to be spotted. The seller is still anonymous and has a couple of different options to categorize the condition the sneaker is, for example, a category stating the condition of the box. In terms of fees, it should cost you, the seller, a

$5 seller fee and a 9.5% commission fee, however, this percentage can rise if you cancel orders/your shoes fail verification.

If you are willing to put in the work to gain positive reviews and a reputation in order to not have to competitively price, then you can use eBay or Depop. eBay is our top choice for a couple of reasons. Not only can you auction a shoe or sell it using a buy now option, but you can also mark up the price of your sneakers if you are a trusted and reliable seller. And on sneakers over $100, eBay will act as a middleman for each transaction. Services like Grailed, Poshmark, and Depop offer a similar service, however, they don’t currently have any middleman feature, so they will require better photos and glowing account reviews if you want consumers to trust you.

Also, it should be noted that sites like StockX and GOAT don’t currently have pages for certain less popular/older releases, so if you are selling cheaper or lesser-known shoes, then a site like Grailed or Poshmark can be good. Grailed still has pages for the most popular sneakers, but you can also list shoes outside of these pages, creating a middle ground between a StockX and an eBay.

Lastly, you need to think about who you are trying to sell to. If you have some new or almost brand-new sneakers, StockX and Goat may be a safe bet because they attract consumers willing to pay higher prices for shoes in a good condition. If you are trying to sell popular sneakers that are more worn down, you may be trying to sell to a stylish but on a budget crowd. Sites like Depop carry a thrift store kind of feel and therefore may draw in the kind of consumers interested in your shoes. Lastly, if you’re selling a sneaker that you think casual shoe fans may like, for example, if they are running shoes or a small brand’s tennis shoes, you should stick to well-known sites. Casual buyers are more likely to look on Poshmark, Amazon and eBay, whereas other less known sites may draw customers who are generally looking for a specific sneaker.

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