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YouCam Perfect Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect Photo Editing App

photo editing with youcam

Edit Your Listing Photos with YouCam Perfect

YouCam Beauty has become my consistent go-to for editing the photos I take for Poshmark and other reselling apps. I started using it years ago for personal photos because it was one of the best selfie editors around (it still is). Over time, the features have grown exponentially and YouCam has become really quite advanced. With the YouCam Beauty mobile app, you can create unprecedented hyper-realistic virtual effects. The technology is based on decades of patented AR (Artificial Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning algorithms, and 3D mapping to ensure your edits are realistic, precise, and accurate.

What sets it apart even further is that it’s incredibly easy to use and it does everything you would ever need to make your resale listing photography look incredible. YouCam Perfect is great for basic photo editing but it also provides really advanced photo editing as well.

Read on to learn what features make YouCam Perfect so great for editing listing photos for Poshmark, Grailed, Mercari, Depop, Tradesy, and more.

Downloaded 800 million times 

Launched in 2014

4.8/5.0 rating on the Apple App Store, rated by 77 thousand people

4.4/5.0 on Google Play, rated by over 2 million people


Instant Background Removal

You get an AI-powered one-click background remover that also allows for advanced touch-up’s so that you can make it look real. This full background removal tool is a great option when you don’t like your photo’s background, perhaps you don’t have a photography backdrop, or just didn’t feel like setting it up that day. With very few adjustments, it will remove the entire background so you can replace it with a pattern, an image, or my recommendation, a plain light gray or white background.

    Instasize Tool

    This turns any photo into a perfectly square 1:1 ratio image. It’s not just a crop or resizing tool. It actually expands the photo to make it square without affecting the image content. Let me explain… let’s say you took a photo on your iPhone without using the 1:1 ratio setting prior to taking the shot. You’ll end up with a regular-sized 4:3 ratio photo, and if you upload that photo direct to Poshmark, you will need to chop off the top and bottom of your image (or more) in order to make it fit, since the photos on Poshmark must be perfectly square. This sucks when you are trying to upload a stock photo or a full body shot of your item. In the latter case, you’re going to end up with just the Torso! YouCam Beauty’s “Instasize” will transform your 4:3 photo (or any size for that matter) into a perfectly sized 1:1 ratio square with a simple click. It doesn’t remove any part of your image, and your photo remains intact.

    For additional details and a step-by-step how-to guide for using the Instasize Tool (plus a video of the tool) check out this Genius Portal article: “Making Photos Square Without Cropping.”

    Text and Image Overlay

    I love the fact that you can add text and even other images to your photo and even if they’re not transparent PNG‘s you can add them in a way that blends them seamlessly and even removes the background so it kind of creates a PNG from a JPEG. I use this function quite often when I am posting a copy of a blog or magazine that features my item and I need to move some things around and illuminate certain text or images so that only the pertinent information stays, it looks clean, and of course, it fits in a square so I can add it to my listing photos.

    The Removal Tool

    This is really helpful for several scenarios. Powered by AI it’s really easy to erase things from the foreground or background of your photo. For the Removal tool, there are literally endless uses. You can use it to remove the price or personal details from a tag or a receipt (sometimes you don’t want prospective buyers to know how much you paid for something in the photos). You can use it to touch up a blemish on yourself if you are modeling something for your listing.  You can use it to remove things that accidentally appear in your listing photos such as a cat’s tail, a shadow, a streak of light or smudge, a mess on your table, or dirty clothes in the corner of your room, or really anything that appears in your photo that you accidentally captured, that really shouldn’t be in your shot.

    Lighting, Tone, and Color Adjustments

    I’ll also use this app for lighting and tone adjustments whether or not I’m using my professional photo backdrop because pretty much all photos need some type of post-production tweaking to make them look incredible. The lighting and adjustment tools are pretty darn good but I tend to only use them when I’m using the YouCam Perfect app already for something else since it’s more convenient to do this when you’re already inside the app doing something else. 

    360° 3D Perspective Cropping

    Of course, like most of the other photo apps, YouCam allows you to do basic cropping with a number of different ratios, the original ratio, or free-form. The crop tool also has a rotate and turn function, and even includes a full 3D cropping perspective transformation tool. This enables you to change the perspective of the photo. With 3D 360° perspective cropping, you can “virtually” pull up the top of the photo so the top of the item appears closer to your face/the viewer changing the angle and perspective. You can also do the same with the bottom of the photo, the left side, and the right side, rotating one or more of them so that the item in the photo is perfectly centered and is laying perfectly flat – not at an angle. The end result looks very realistic like you took the photo that way originally.

    YouCam Beauty app is free to use for both Android and iOS. However, it contains in-app purchases to access premium features. 

    Resell Genius does not receive any money, kick-back, affiliate share, or referral credit from YouCam Perfect. We just genuinely think it’s a fantastic app, particularly for editing listing photos when selling on resale apps and platforms (especially Poshmark). We have used it for years, and we think you might like it too. You can download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Shop by searching for it yourself, or by clicking the links below. PS: it has a 4.8/5.0 rating on the app store, and has been rated by almost 80,000 people. 


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