Genius Kit (Super Deluxe)

The Genius Kit is the first of its kind. A must-have selling kit designed especially for sellers and resellers of clothing, shoes, sneakers, and accessories on marketplaces such as Poshmark, StockX, Grailed, Goat, DePop, Mercari, and eBay. The Super Deluxe Kit is the biggest kit that we sell. Filled with the cream of the crop tools, that we personally use in our own resale business (and we’ve been reselling for over 20 years). These are all the tools that we can’t live without, and we can credit our success to using these tools consistently. You don’t need to hunt these tools down or spend countless hours researching and comparing prices because we’ve done all of that legwork for you.

The Resell Genius Super Deluxe Kit includes 15 products and has an MSRP of over $500

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    Genius Kit (Super Deluxe)


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    Sneaker Restoring

    Sewing Tools

    Clothing Cleaning

    Reseller Storage

    Reseller Packaging

    Clothing Repair

    Shipping Tools


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